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Allison Madl, Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Whole Health for Women

Through the Power of Traditional Nutrition

Are you suffering from any of the following conditions?








Irregular or Painful Menstrual Cycles


Yeast Infections (vaginal candidasis)


Urinary Tract Infections


PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)


Hormonal Dysregulation and Low Sex Drive


Anxiety and Depression




Digestive Disturbances


Low or High Thyroid Conditions


BV (bacterial vaginosis)




Difficulty Conceiving


Menopausal symptoms

Would you like to take a more preventative approach to your health?

Beautiful woman suffering from a headache or health problems - Allison Madl, Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner - Feminine Health Issues

The Struggle

Most women with chronic feminine health issues arrive at seeking nutritional therapy after struggling with many rounds of antibiotics, steroids, anti-fungals, hormone therapy, immune-suppressing drugs, antacids, birth control, and more. I know, because it happened to me. We come to understand that suppressing symptoms isn’t sustainable, and seek to find the root of the problem.

Young woman cooking traditional healthy food in kitchen - Allison Madl, Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner - Weight Management

Nutritional Component

Eating isn’t just about satisfying hunger or gaining or losing weight. In fact, what and how we eat is probably the biggest influencer of how our bodies and minds function. What’s more, common practice does not honor the nutritional component that underlies many feminine health issues.

Young teenage boy studying with books - Allison Madl, Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner - Adolescent Performance

Food: Friend or Foe?

As women, our bodies are nuanced, and sometimes react to foods in ways that can seem confusing and frustrating. Even if you’re eating as healthy as you know how, it may be that an imbalance of nutritional inputs, and certain aspects of your lifestyle are stopping you from enjoying life to its fullest. This is where I come in.

I help women with chronic feminine health issues optimize their diet and lifestyle so they can find freedom from discomfort and enjoy stable moods, restful sleep, normal weight, and healthy children.

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Allison’s kindness, honesty, nutritional expertise, ease of explanation, ability to answer the research questions I have, and non-judgemental nature are just a few of my favorite parts of working with her. Before we started working together, things were good with my health and eating habits, but Allison helped me to fine-tune them. I got tired of taking the supplements that had been recommended for years by my chiropractor. Now, I keep making healthier choices through Allison’s recommendations. I feel better and my thyroid reports are improving. I was also amazed when at one meeting I had with her, she said my stress level was more severe, and it was one month after I had been in a car accident. I recommend her to people that are voicing concern about their health.

Cathy H.

Ventura, CA

I would definitely recommend Allison! Before working with her, I had been suffering from GERD for a few years. I had been taking a statin for my cholesterol and eating mostly non- and low-fat foods without a drop in my scores which frustrated me. I saw one of her other clients and liked the weight loss result and heard about a new way to eat which piqued my interest in trying something new since what I had been doing was not effective. I heard a report about many of the over the counter meds for GERD being linked to dementia so I had stopped them on my own without an alternative. It is a financial commitment for Allison’s services as well as the supplements recommended which involved trusting the professional, and I did. Allison is very professional, well spoken and was knowledgeable about why things were not working for me.


The time required for the symptom surveys and hair samples proved to be worthwhile when I started to see improvements. She also recommended some books and papers which I read and opened my eyes to a whole new naturally healthy way of eating. I liked the fact that there were studies to back up the claims. Now after working with Allison, my GERD is much better. I enjoy butter and whole eggs which are new to me. My favorite part is the knowledge that fat is my friend; I have energy and fewer symptoms than prior to starting consulting with Allison. The program is very well outlined with great handouts. Her knowledge, patience, and effective teaching style make her easy to trust and follow. She is a likable, smart, educated, and patient helper.

Cathy T.

Oxnard, CA

My interest in Allison’s services was prompted by my lethargy and very low energy levels, but I was fearful that I would not be able to afford personalized treatment. My thought process was, why would I spend the money on this, if I was not in a place of desperation? This experience of working with Allison COMPLETELY changed my thinking. She is very easy to talk to, and a good listener. She is down to earth and did not push me into being or thinking any certain way, but seemed to rather be most concerned with educating me, which she did in a comforting and caring manner. It is obvious that Allison loves what she does; it made me want to go down that road too!


Now looking back on when I first started working with Allison, I realize I have made progress, and life is good. We had discussed the possibility of my health and energy levels improving if I stopped drinking caffeine. Subsequently and independently, my own doctor told me I had to stop drinking caffeine due to an issue with uterine fibroids. It was difficult to stop but I did, and found this to be extremely important in shifting my energy levels back to where they should be. Because of this new awareness, I was clearly making better choices for myself and my family. Allison convinced me of the importance of sourcing nourishing foods locally, and the importance of making my own food whenever possible. But at the same time she stated ANY change was progress and ANY change was a BIG change. I could not fail.

I believe a huge plus to working with Allison is her generosity. She is extremely giving of her time and effort. Every time I would get my results back, she always made sure I understood them. Even if it meant writing lengthy emails, having lengthy phone calls, or sending references to more reading and information that could help my situation and even my husband’s situation, who wasn’t even her client. For all of these reasons, I would definitely recommend that others work with Allison!

Marissa M.

Cambria, CA

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