Balanced macronutrients can make smoothies a whole meal.

Lunch Hour Lesson #27


Superfoods are foods that pack a lot of nutrition into a small portion. Smoothies can be a great way to pack in a lot of nutrient-dense foods that might be hard to fit into your diet otherwise.


If you’re going to make it a regular thing, I’d recommend making these smoothies at home, vs. purchasing them often at a natural food restaurant or juice bar. Besides being expensive to purchase pre-made, many smoothies at these types of places are very sweet, and based mostly on fruit or greens without a source of fat or protein to balance it out and make it more of a meal.


There are a lot of other things you could put in, but I find these to be a nice balance that, if you use raw milk or heavy cream, can taste like ice cream! You can add ice to thicken or water to thin to your desired consistency.


This could be a lunch that you make in the morning or the night before and take with you to work in an insulated thermos. I wouldn’t recommend sipping it continuously throughout the day because that keeps your digestion constantly going. Instead, drink it during the period of time when you would normally eat a meal.


It’s also a great breakfast, and set you up for good balanced energy throughout the day. Make sure to go easy on the fruits and molasses. The less sweet it is, the less of an effect it will have on raising your blood sugar, so you won’t have the subsequent drop later that can make you sleepy, irritable, and craving more sugar.


Make sure to “chew” your smoothie as you eat it to get started on the digestive process and break down the carbohydrates.


The first week is all about preparation.

Weekend Tip

Make a superfood smoothie with the ingredients you have on hand. Egg yolks, banana, almond butter, cream is a good place to start!

Lunch Hour Lesson #27: Superfood Smoothies

Posted by Allison Mädl Nutritional Therapy and Education on Wednesday, May 15, 2019