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The Foundations of Traditional Nutrition

Nutrient Dense Diet

A properly prepared, nutrient-dense diet of whole foods provides the ultimate foundation supporting optimal health. But what is nutrient dense? And for that matter, what is a whole food even? Is there a “proper” way to prepare food so it conveys maximal nutrition? To answer these questions effectively, we must get back to our nutritional roots, and respect the diets of our ancestors. This does not mean we must eat like cavemen, but simply understand that people even 100 years ago chose foods that had been grown in or on fertile soil, and without using any industrial factories or machines, only particular in-home preparation techniques, made delicious meals that nourished their families as they had been nourished for generations. This was more than a “healthy” diet. It didn’t involve “dieting” or starving oneself; quite the opposite in fact.

These meals were hearty: full of nutrient-dense animal fats and protein (including organ meats such as liver), fermented vegetables, and sourdough breads. Fresh fruits and vegetables complimented the meals when available. It is not a paradox that cultures eating this way bore strong robust children free of the debilitating diseases, allergies, and asthma that so plague our young ones today. Or that workers could rise with the sun and work all day with one solid meal at lunch, not needing snacks or coffee or energy drinks to keep them going.

The basis of my Freedom of Health™ programs  is a strong education of how to obtain and prepare delicious nutrient-dense foods that are packed with macro and micro nutrients: fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals all in their ideal state for the body to utilize efficiently for energy.

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