About Allison Mädl

Hello and thank you for visiting my website! My name is Allison Mädl (rhymes with ladle), and I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with a private practice in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. I help women with chronic feminine health issues balance their diet and lifestyle so they can find freedom from discomfort and enjoy stable moods, restful sleep, normal weight, and healthy children.

In addition to supporting others, I have successfully implemented Nutritional Therapy in my own life to resolve health conditions such as anemia, IBS, chronic constipation, and hypoglycemia. You can read more about my health journey here.

In my practice, I consult with clients both in the United States and abroad using the NTP paradigm and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. I also teach group classes as a RESTART® Program Instructor and give lectures around my community.

My academic background is in secondary education; I taught English, Spanish, and English Language Development (ELD) for nine years in public schools. My ELD students were primarily those from indigenous parts of Mexico and Central America, as well as others representing refugee populations from various parts of the world. Working with these populations piqued my interest in traditional foods and has led to an ongoing research investigation of native dietary practices.

Putting my teaching experience to use in the nutrition field, I am privileged to be able to work as a Lead Instructor for the Nutritional Therapy Association’s Nutritional Therapy Practitioner program.

My husband and I moved to north Idaho in 2017 after an extensive search for clean air and water and easy access to high quality, nutrient-dense foods. We are enjoying raising our son here and exploring the local lakes, bike paths, and hiking trails.

My ultimate vision is that families become empowered by the knowledge of traditional nutrition to maximize their health potential and grow strong children who continue the wellness revolution!

Professional Qualifications

What is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP)?

An NTP is a paraprofessional certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association to make nutritional recommendations for clients with the goal of balancing body chemistry and achieving optimal wellness. We do not diagnose or treat disease. Nutritional Therapists know that weaknesses in the foundations of nutrition lead to many degenerative health problems that plague the modern world.

What does your NTP certification entail?

Becoming a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner through the Nutritional Therapy Association requires vigorous coursework including the standard study of anatomy and physiology with an emphasis on the digestive, endocrine, immune, cardiovascular, and detoxification systems of the body. The history of diet from ancient to modern is emphasized, and coursework also includes the study of traditional dietary practices such as soaking, sprouting, and fermenting grains and vegetables to optimize nutrient and bacterial content. Certification requires passing: a functional nutrition written midterm and final exam, four detailed client case studies and folder presentations, and a hands-on functional evaluation exam including the lingual-neuro testing procedure. If you’re interested in becoming an NTP yourself, please get in touch with the Nutritional Therapy Association at nutritionaltherapy.com.

What other certifications and degrees do you have?

I hold a BA in Language Studies and a BA in Literature/Writing from the University of California, San Diego.

I received my Bilingual Multicultural Education Credential and Single Subject teaching authorization from California State University, Sacramento. With these credentials I enjoyed teaching in private and public education for over a decade in California, Washington, and Costa Rica.

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